Our teachers are trained in First Aid, CPR, AED, and VIRTUS, and also attend the Archdiocese of Atlanta Summer Education Institute for professional development.
They are here to nurture and teach your little one while you have some time for yourself.

Kathy Hampton
Preschool Director
Jo Ann Sella
Admin Assistant
Cathy O’Sullivan
Parish/Preschool Bookkeeper
Tammy Ball
5 Day Pre-K Lead Teacher
Karla Garcia
3 Day 2’s Lead Teacher
Nency Hernandez
5 Day 2’s Assistant Teacher
Kristin Kneeland
2 Day Young 2’s Lead Teacher
Veronica Ramirez
4 day 3’s Assistant Teacher
Joanne Garret
4 day Pre-K Lead Teacher
Lauren Kelley
3 Day 3’s Lead Teacher
Wendy Morrison
4 Day 3’s Lead Teacher