Children’s Choir is divided up into two groups:

  1. ANGELS CHOIR (ages 4 to 8): This ensemble is designed for very young students who love to sing. In a fun and engaging setting students will learn about their speaking and singing voices, work on pitch matching with unison melodies, blend and following a conductor.  Later skills include expansion into full major and minor scales with solfege, diction, use of melodic and rhythmic ostinato and introduction of partner songs. Students will begin using vocal scores.  This Choir serves the Mass by singing once a quarter at Mass.
  2. YOUTH CHOIR (ages 9-16) – The STA Youth Choir focuses on more advanced music techniques such as singing in two parts with an expanded vocal range. Students will learn how to read vocal scores with repertoire sung in two and three part harmonies. Students will explore diverse repertoire from around the world.  This choir serves once Mass per month.